Words from Pastor A.B. Bennett

Thank you for visiting the PAG website. Our motivation for ministry at PAG is simple: Simply Said… God Loves You! God loves you and it is His love through us that motivates to tell the world through not what only we say, but in everything we do.
Based on Psalm 1 we are to be trees, not weeds. Weeds grow quick, but get thrown away when they wither.  Trees planted by the water (Jesus) grow, bear fruit in season and will not wither, but prosper.  We like that. We think you will too. We like to say around here, “Be the Tree!”
 Thanks again for stopping by. Enjoy the website and remember, Simply Said… God Loves You!

Pastor AB

Love God and love people
Walk with God
Hunger for God
Serve God
Give God’s love to all generations
Give God’s love to all nations
Lead with love

For a more detailed description of the 7, check out what we call “Simply Seven”.