“Not every Christian who grows old grows up.” Theologian, Warren Wiersbe

What is iGrow? It is a one year teaching series that connects people to God in five critical areas of spiritual growth. It also helps those new to PAG connect to the ministry vision God has called us to accomplish. Everyone desiring to be involved in ministry at PAG must go through the iGrow series.

iGrow consists of four classes that meet quarterly throughout the year.  Each of the four classes is four weeks, 1 hour each and meets on Sunday mornings. The classes go in order from 101 to 401. Everyone new to PAG begins in 101 and then advance from there to 201 the next time classes meet.  Once all class levels are completed, advancement level classes will be offered.
iGrow Series

101: Committed to Membership - Wondering if Pawnee Assembly is a good fit? Then this class is just for you! Learn the purpose, values, and vision of the church, and take the opportunity to interact with staff and ministry leaders. At the end of the class you will be invited to become a member of Pawnee Assembly of God if you are not already one.  Located in the 3rd Floor Conference Room.
#201: Committed to Maturity - Take an in-depth look at spiritual disciplines. You'll be challenged in your personal relationship with God.   Located in the Upstairs Education Wing.
#301: Committed to Ministry - Learn your S.H.A.P.E. and how God created you for a purpose. This is as practical as it gets - the materials will help you identify your gifts, abilities, experiences, and personality type, and then tie it all back to God's plan for your life!  Located in the Upstairs Education Wing.

#401: Committed to Serving and Missions - This is the final class in the series. You'll be challenged with God's heart for your community and the world and with your part in His plan! At PAG we have a local and global vision and we're excited to share it with you!  Located behind the Sanctuary.
#I look forward to seeing you there.

Pastor AB