Classes Sundays @ 9:00am 
Through July 29th

 Corporate Prayer:

  Located in the Auditorium

 A Faith Well – Thought: Taught by Michael Tofte

                           Located in the Upstairs Classroom

 Theology in a Nutshell: Taught by Pastor Scott Phillips

                           Located in the foyer classroom.

 Bible Study: Taught by Chuck Sours

             Located in 2nd floor classroom, Education Wing.
Starting on August 12th







“Not every Christian who grows old grows up.” Theologian, Warren Wiersbe

What is iGrow? It is a one month teaching series that connects people to God in critical areas of spiritual growth. It also helps those new to PAG connect to the ministry vision God has called us to accomplish. Everyone desiring to be involved in ministry at PAG must go through the iGrow series.
For those of you who are new to PAG, join us for our iGrow Discipleship classes starting in September with a breakfast with Pastor & Christi. For more information call the church office @ 625.2111.
Pastor AB