Simply Seven

We are a Church that:

Loves God and His People
We are people who are passionately in love with God and are compelled by Christ’s love to freely give of ourselves to Him and to others.
Walks with God
We live our lives according to God’s Word, the Holy Bible, and walk in the ways it teaches.
Hungers for God
We are desperate for God and seek Him in Prayer, worship and the studying of His Word. We find our purpose in His presence.
Serves God
We understand that God has called us to be Holy and through Christ we are set apart to live for Him.
Gives God to All Generations
Building bridges between generations to pass along the message of hope that is real and relevant. We desire to reach families for Christ, to build families for Christ.
Gives God to All Nations
Fulfilling the Great Commission by reaching people around the world with the gospel through missions.
Leads with Loves
Staying under the care, leadership and Lordship of Jesus Christ, we desire to love, lead, teach and preach with God’s heart for God’s people.