2023 Bible Reading Devotionals

Welcome to the 2023 Bible Reading Devotional. Our focus for 2023, while reading the entire Bible through the year, is Jesus. There will be several authors of devotions throughout the year from our PAG family. The goal is to see Jesus in the holy scriptures and apply the lessons we learn to our lives daily. There is also prayer and declaration.   
I want to encourage you to journal your Bible journey this year. You will learn so much as you write your thoughts, life lessons, and prayers down to meditate on them then, and to be used to remind you later. When I write my journals, I do so in the mindset that my children and their children will read them and learn from my walk with Jesus. As you write, think about what you are saying not only to yourself, or to God, but think about what you are saying to those following in your footsteps. I have the honor in writing January’s devotion. I do so from my own journal notes from the years before. 
– Pastor AB Bennett   
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